K Rod Bent Butt “Bluefin Special”




The 2x Bent Butt rod was designed with big tuna in mind!  With the changing fishery in Southern California with giant bluefin tuna now in our backyard, properly fighting these fish with the right tools is key! Bent butt style of fishing allows you to fight the fish with the rod in the holder which allows maximum pressure to the fish at the right angles as well as being able to land the fish faster.  The faster you land the fish, the higher the chances of catching fish 2-3-4-5-.  These rods use the best of the best blank from Seeker rods in the “Super Seeker” line which is a combination of graphite and S-glass to create a composite material the is superior to any saltwater rod in the market. The Properties of S-Glass boast 40% increases tensile strength and 20% higher modular than standard E-glass.  These blanks are built to shut off at just the right spot to give the angler maximum lifting power.  A perfect rod to troll the yummy or big fish application! The bent butt is made from Aftcos light weight aluminum designed for the finest offshore fishing tackle in the world.  The guides are Fujis very best, HB series which is a heavy duty guide with silicon nitride insert for harness and corrosion resistance which is designed for spectra fishing as well.  The tip on this rod is kept with an open eye style as many anglers prefer to use this rod to fly the yummy flyer.



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