K Rod Live Bait Rod 20-40lb (KB-830)



The most common used rod in our Southern California style of fishing is the 8 foot bait sticks.  This one is rated 20-40lb which means that you can fish as light as 20lb leader and as heavy as 40lb leader but optimal for 30lb leader. This by far is the most used rod in our waters. Whether fishing the island or offshore, this is my #1 stick. By bait sticks, meaning using live sardine, anchovy, squid, and mackeral!  These three rods are almost mandatory for all fishing trips to get your bases covered.  Whether fishing local, islands, or offshore, these rods will provide you the pulling power to handle anything.  These rods are super light weight being made from Japanese Toray Carbon modulus which provide incredible power. It has new nano resin that makes the rods even more durable vs other carbon fiber blanks.  The moderate parabolic action makes these rods the perfect rods for casting live bait and light jigs.   The diameter of the rods are super thin and look abosutly beautiful.   The guides are the new Fuji K guides which allows for better casting and less spectra tangles.   Very ideal for spectra fisherman.  Fish with the very best! These are offered in 3 models


I would match this up (which I am currently using) with a Trinidad 16 and possibly a Talica 8/10 for offshore fishing












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