K Rod Ulua Jig Stick 9′ 3″ (K-ULUA 25-50lb)



The ulua jig stick is a must have in everyone’s arsonel.  There is a cult like following for fishing “the iron” which is referenced to surface iron jigs.  Uluas normally come in a 10 foot model but his has been modified to 9′ 3′ to be more favorable and optimal for casting, fighting, and leverage.  Again using a Super Seeker graphite/glass composite blank, this allows for the angler to get in the farthest cast possible to work the iron jig lure. Ive gone through so many jig sticks to finally find the one that casts and feels the best.


This rod would be best paired up with either the Tranx 500 or the Trinidad 20!


Unfortunately, this item can not be shipped due to length. Will have it delivered to you if you live in Southern California or special delivery may be set up.



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