Ive fished primary in Southern California my whole life with exception to occasional other world wide fishing expeditions.  I started out with my father passing down his passion which started with freshwater fishing which then transitioned into the saltwater world.

I grew up fishing local charter boats for years. This eventually sparked my interest in owning my boat, a beautiful Parker 2320, and learning all the tricks of the trade to be a more productive fisherman.

As an evolving entrepreneur, fitness, and fishing enthusiast, the ability to adapt to the changing environment, has been the key to success.   In the last few years, we have seen some phenomenal fishing with some different tactics needed in order to become a more successful fisherman.  In particular, the bluefin tuna has sparked the most interest among anglers catching their “fish of a lifetime.”  These bluefin have been caught up to 360 lbs with many averaging between 160lb to 250lb.  To be able to just target these size of fish in a small boat, sometimes with in 10 miles from shore,  is absolutely incredible.

 To be successful, fisherman had to keep an open mind and learn more about different tactics to not only hook, but to land these giant fish.   The network of information through different resources as well as keeping your inner circle close; all helps with locating these fish and finding out what is working best.  This is what Id like to share with you and have YOU become part of my inner circle.

But of course, there is more to fishing than just bluefin.  There are so many other species in our local waters that are just as fun and prize worthy to catch.

In my members section, you’ll find all my secrets and methods to catch all different types of species from yellowtail, dorado, bass, yellowfin tuna, many more and of course, in much detail, my extremely successful methods for bluefin tuna.  There will always be new videos in the members section as the fishing continues to challenge us in different ways.

Although I am just a recreational fisherman, my numbers of these great catches speak for themselves.  Ive coached (online) many other fisherman to have extremely successful catches as well.   From trip planning, gear reconditions, tackle choices, knots, locating fish, my services will cover them all however, and plan to run private charters soon.   I would like to be your online fishing consultant to help with all and every aspect of fishing that I can share from my experience and have you become part of my inner circle.

In todays day and age…..its not about your resources but rather your ability to be resourceful  😉

Looking forward having the opportunity to help you catch more fish and learn the tricks of the trade.

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