34 Freeman Center Console, up to 6 anglers:
$5400 per day

Most trips will be targeted towards BIG Bluefin tuna unless otherwise requested for another style of fishing. I do have the option of offshore or island fishing for yellowtail, yellowfin tuna, dorado, or whatever that may be biting at the time.

This will be on my brand new Parker 2320 or the 34 Freeman . I can take up to 4 anglers, although many have chartered solo, or just 2-3 total. My best recommendations is 3 anglers to have most optimal room on the boat as well as me being able to bring an experienced deckhand with us.

All rods and tackle will be provided. Generally, on a big tuna fish trip, that will be the only thing we target as it is in a different area of the other species. I want to give the proper attention in capturing the big fish. This is more than just a “fishing trip” but rather an experience to hunt for a fish of a lifetime.

Fishing License and food is not included. Bring some warm clothes and a jacket as well as sunscreen and get ready to have a great time!

Guiding: A day on the water with me on YOUR boat: $2000 per day.

If you would like for me to fish with you or share with you my knowledge on your boat, then this is the service for you!  I do hold a Department of Fish and Game guide license for this service.  This definitely speeds up the learning curve of getting familiar with your boat or you just want a little help with learning more about fishing or your boat in general.  I look forward fishing with you on your boat! Please contact directly at billy@billykfishing.com.

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