Yummy Flyer “Special K” Rigged



The yummy flyer or rubber flying fish have been the hottest baits for catching giant bluefin tuna! This has been one of my most popular riggings for these yummy flyers.  I have 3-4 different styles of riggings that have proved to work extremely well.  The attention to detail with making sure the weight and hook shank matching the blue as well as using nothing but the best parts.  Owner big treble hook and Mustard stainless steel single hook.  The rigging is absolutely meticolous and clean.  The leader is 300 lb mono connected to a ball bearing swivel to be connected to you main line.  I couldn’t make these fast enough last year for all my friends so get them here now before I run out! It’s a 1 pc. wing and body. Unlike the competition that has wings glued on (that will eventually come off) these flyers  are made from a single mold ensuring durability and longevity.  Flown from the kite or trolled by itself or in a daisy chain, these Flyers are deadly on all tuna and pelagic gamefish. Firmer body material ensures this lure skips and troll’s properly and presents the most life-like Flyer out there…A Flyer running for it’s life from a Tuna!   A true must have in your arsenal.  I always recommend carrying at least 5 yummies on your trip.


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