Good or bad news, I always share it with you guys.   Lately, the last 2 weeks has been absolutely horrid.   From what I gathered from sport boat captains, clients who go on these trips and report to me, to others fishing in the southern mexico zone, all have seen very little.  The independence went on 3 consecutive 5 day trips, without a single tuna.   Pretty brutal but hats off to the hardworking crew.   Another thing to note is that the weather has been very rough in the past weeks as well which will definitely hinder the search efforts on bluefin.  Out of 4-5 boats i heard go out for days, only one boat had one fish.

But this is just whats going on.  Things can turn any day now.   With warmer weather and steady weather ahead of us, im sure they will pop up again!    My best guess of when private boaters will get a shot at bluefin still sits in mid to late may.  Earlier, i hope but thats what its looking like.
We had such a great start to the season of all big grade fish and kite fish in March. Those fish will be found again.
I will continue to keep you guys updated.
Also- i just got in some new flyers that were proto types last year.  These are the new rubber Californa Flyers that can float.  the wings are designed a little bit different.  ill be making videos on it very shortly!   Let me know if youd like to order some as well.  They do not come rigged. The photo of a report was by Robert Tressler i pulled off my facebook page.  Just sahring wiht you guys what i hear and see. .

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