Hello Ladies and Gents!

The time is near for our season to begin!  Just wanted to share with you guys some new info!


There is TONS of big bluefin of all sizes.  Big boats as well as private boats (bigger yachts) that are coming back and forth from their long 15 day trips.

Fields of foamers and big big breezers!

The Mexican seiner fleet filled their full ANUAL quota as of January 16!!!!!!!!


Its going to be another insane year!


So if youre reading this, start getting ready!


If you would like for me to guide on your boat, nows the time to book for the fishing year.


Im also running a special for tutorial 4 hour trips on your boat for $1000. Im more than happy to get you dialed in!


Lets have an amazing season!


side notes:


For me, Im currently getting the boats ready, general maintenance, small boat work, towers, etc……..


for Gear, all my reels have already been serviced and had new line put on.

I received my large orders of hooks and kites and all the bluefin gear. so send me a message if you need the gear as well!


Talk soon!




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