Well, after a couple days of bad weather and bad reports coming from the pens, my game plan was to at least give the pens a try in the morning then head south to the upper hidden to try to locate some different batches of bluefin and possibly some yellowtail.   Luck was on my side as we ended hooking a double in the sinker rig drop shot with dead flyers on the 4th pen we looked at.   Saw a couple of marks and wham, we were bit!  2 hours later , we landed both of them!  Both around the 200-230lb range.   It still seems the bite window for these pens is 7:30am-9:30 and then it shuts down.  Good luck to all fishing this week.  I have new videos up on my website to walk you through this set up.  Let me know if I could be of any help 👍🏼 pen zone is at 32 10, 117 26.   


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