Yesterdays fishing was extremely tough. It was kind of expected with the weekend crowd but I figured I still would have a good shot at getting a trophy for my clients. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the fish did not bight. We did have several schools of tuna go under the boat and there was over 80 boats in this small area and not a single person got bit. But at least we had a chance. After giving that a couple hours, we ventured south to the upper hidden but was only able to find bonita and some yellowtail. I didn’t bring any gear for that as I was just hunting for tuna. Nice to know that the paddies are holding yellowtail. The area primarily for the pens is 32 09, 117 25. Im down for a couple days due to the weather! If you need any help on setting up or some of the new rigging styles, you can check out the new videos or just send me an email (


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